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Kansas City residents, embrace entertainment with the packages from DIRECTV

Whether you’re a sports fan, a movie buff or a reality TV show addict, you’re sure to find programming that can keep you entertained for hours at home in Missouri when you take your pick of DIRECTV packages. With packages ranging from 140 channels to more than 285, you can forget those times when you could only turn to the Internet for entertainment – now the amusement you’re looking for is back on TV.

Keep reading for more information about the differences between DIRECTV® packages and what America’s #1 satellite TV provider can offer you.

Exciting DIRECTV packages are available to residents in Kansas City, Missouri

If you’re a casual television watcher but you and your family can’t live without your favorite series on channels like ABC Family® and BBC America, or you can’t imagine not being able to explore the world with National Geographic Channel and Travel Channel,™ the ENTERTAINMENT™ package may be enough for you. With 140 channels to pick from, those who like to occasionally relax in front of the TV will have access to everything they love watching. Even better – it’s the best value of the DIRECTV packages.

Looking for more sports channels than what the ENTERTAINMENT™ package includes? Are channels like Big Ten Network,™ ESPNU, ESPNEWS, NFL Network and MLB Network™ in constant rotation on your TV? The CHOICE™ package gives you more than 150 channels, including these favorite sports networks so you can always keep up with your favorite teams with DIRECTV and the press of a button.

Check out the CHOICE XTRA™ package from DIRECTV if you want even more channels to choose from at your Kansas City home. CHOICE XTRA™ gives you more than 205 channels, with everything from Discovery Fit & Health, VH1 Classic and Fox Movie Channel for you and The Hub™ and Nicktoons Network for your kids.

The DIRECTV also offers CHOICE ULTIMATE,™ with 225 channels and a little something extra for movie lovers. In addition to all of the previously mentioned stations, CHOICE ULTIMATE™ also gives DIRECTV customers a selection of 11 premium movie channels like Encore Action, Encore Family and The Movie Channel.

Are you someone who always has the TV on, whether you’re intently watching it, if you’re doing things around the house or if you’re checking your favorite sites on the Internet? If you’re a TV buff and can’t get enough of your favorite shows or movies, consider the PREMIER™ package. More than 285 action-packed channels are available right at your fingertips to keep even the biggest television fan happy around the clock. When you’ve got almost 300 channels from DIRECTV, there’s always something new and exciting to check out. Plus, with DIRECTV and the PREMIER™ package, you’ll have a total of 31 premium movie channels and 35 regional sports networks like New England Sports Network and Comcast SportsNet California.

DIRECTV is home to the top packages in Kansas City…

… and maybe even all of Missouri. Other satellite TV providers just can’t compete with the entertainment and value presented by the DIRECTV packages. You could consider some other television service, but it’s really not the same as the exciting home entertainment you’ll get with DIRECTV.

With the many sports networks from DIRECTV, you won’t have to turn to the Internet for sports scores. You won’t have to wait months to see the newest movies, because you’ve got access to them right on your TV with your DIRECTV package. Being bored in your home in Kansas City is a thing of the past when you’ve got channels upon channels full of captivating programming from DIRECTV.

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